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Director/Project Manager

Welcome to Rag Reno’s: Crafting Memories, Not Just Homes

At Rag Reno’s, our ethos is simple: we believe that the process of building and renovating should be as remarkable as the end result.

Founded with a clear vision, we set out to transform the often-intimidating world of construction into a journey filled with excitement and positivity. Whether you’re a valued client, a dedicated subcontractor, or a member of our passionate team, our commitment is to make this experience memorable and stress-free.

John, our founder, hails from a lineage of builders. From early days working alongside family members to honing his craft in London’s upscale renovation scene, John’s extensive hands-on experience in the industry is both diverse and rich.

However, it was his return to New Zealand in 2011 that marked the inception of Rag Reno’s. Initially a modest little company, we started with the support of his parents and have since flourished. Today, it stands as a testament to years of dedication, with John at the helm alongside his wife, Sarah.

Our approach is rooted in authenticity and integrity. From small renovations in our early days to more expansive projects now, our promise remains unchanged: genuine assistance, transparent pricing, and an unwavering focus on quality.

Our growth over the past decade has been organic and deliberate. The journey from our first apprentice, now our Project Manager, to our current team showcases our commitment to nurturing talent and building lasting relationships.

At the heart of our operations lies collaboration. We believe in fostering a harmonious environment throughout the building journey. By maintaining open channels of communication and actively listening to our clients, we ensure that every project aligns seamlessly with their vision, priorities, and budget.

From the conceptualisation of a project to its culmination, Rag Reno’s is there every step of the way. Our affiliations with the Master Builders Association and our team of Licensed Building Practitioners underscore our commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and expertise.

Our vision is clear: to reimagine the construction industry, placing as much importance on the journey as on the final product. With Rag Reno’s, it’s not just about building homes—it’s about crafting experiences that resonate long after the project is complete.

Whether you are just starting out your renovation journey or have the plans in your hands. We would love a chat. Book a no-obligation consultation today to see if we are the fit you have been looking for.

Core Values



It is vital to us that we gain the trust of those that we work alongside. We act with integrity and prove ourselves to be open, honest and reliable.



We have a reputation for being true to our words and actions. We assure you can trust us to deliver what we promise.


Togetherness makes us stronger. We believe that extraordinary homes are built when trade professionals collaborate as a team, all committed to creating your dream home.
customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

We listen and understand your needs and requirements. We will deliver exactly what you expect.



We have strong work ethics and believe in honesty and trust. We are reliable and deliver what we promise.

7 Helpful tips you need to know before starting a successful renovation

Is renovating your home on your ‘to do’ list? We have compiled a free guide with invaluable tips to help you making the right decisions when it comes to renovating.


Our CEO, John, will personally conduct the session, which is normally valued at $300. However, we are offering the session FREE to people that are seriously considering building a dream home to help them make informed decisions towards the next steps.